File Transfer for Microsoft Windows

The TightGate-Schleuse is a file transfer program that is used for file exchange between the local workstation PC and TightGate-Pro. It is based on the WinSCP application, which is set up when the File Transfer is installed.

Based on the user authentication method, the appropriate MSI package for the TightGate File Transfer must be installed. There are two options to choose from, for authentication with user name and password or for logon using single sign-on (e.g. Active Directory). The MSI packages can be found in the Download Center of m-privacy GmbH.

Notes: The GUI of the TightGate File Transfer can be configured extensively. However, these adjustments will only be applied to the next session if the program is used for single sign-on login. When you log on with the password, all changes are discarded when you exit the application.

The MSI package for the TightGate File Transfer should be installed with administration rights by double-clicking or by software distribution. Depending on the authentication, adjustments may have to be made after installation:

When login with password

  • Open the file %PROGRAMFILES(X86)%\TightGate-Pro\Schleuse.conf (64Bit system) or %PROGRAMFILES%\TightGate-Pro\Schleuse.conf (32Bit system) as administrator and adjust the following parameters:
  • IP → enter the IP address or the resolvable hostname of TightGate-Pro
  • The same credentials as for the TightGate-Viewer must be used as credentials when opening the File Transfer.

Login with single sign-on (certificates or Active Directory)

  • The TightGate-Viewer must be installed and configured according to this this manual.
  • The TightGate-Viewer must have been started at least once before opening the File Transfer for the first time.

Note: In cluster systems, the File Transfer is ready to use after 10 minutes after the first login to TightGate-Pro via the TightGate-Viewer. The waiting time does not apply to all subsequent logins as long as the certificate used remains the same.

After successful installation there is a new icon on the desktop of the workstation PC which is called "Schleuse". A double click opens the TightGate File Transfer.

In order to work properly the TightGate File Transfer and the corresponding authorizations must be configured on TightGate-Pro. This is done according to the following instructions.

This is what you need:

→ Installed TightGate File Transfer.

How it goes:

  • Login as administrator config
  • Selection of the menu item System preferences > File Transfer. Activate the File Transfer globally by selecting Yes.
  • Selection of the menu item User preferences > File Transfer: Default. Select if the File Transfer should be activated automatically for newly created users.
  • Selection of the menu item User Preferences > Transfer Types Download: Default.
    Select the permitted MIME types (file types) for the DOWNLOAD (from TightGate-Pro to the workstation PC). This setting is the default value for newly created users when using the File Transfer.
  • Selection of the menu item User Preferences > Transfer Types Upload: Default.
    Select the permitted MIME types (file types) for the UPLOAD (from the workstation PC to TightGate-Pro). The setting is the default value for newly created users when using the File Transfer.
  • Use the menu items Save and Soft Apply to apply the settings.

For the central use of the File Transfer there is a separate administrator with the user ID transfer. This administrator has extended rights and may access the transfer directories of all other users as well as those of the administrator config.

In order to get full access for the File-Transfer-Administrator, some adjustments have to be made in the TightGate-Viewer:

  • Activation of the display of foreign directories
    Since the transfer directories belong to the individual users, they are foreign to the Transfer-Administrator and are normally hidden. To display them, select Settings > Settings from the menu bar of the program and open the menu item List window > Remote in the appearing window. Check the box Show inaccessible folders there.
  • Enable display of hidden files
    Hidden files can be displayed via the List window level.

Note: The password for the user transfer is assigned and changed by the administrator maint.

By default, the File Transfer is opened in the Commander view. The window is split in two and shows the directory tree of the local computer in the left half and that of TightGate-Pro in the right half. To customize the view, you can select Settings > Settings from the menu bar of the Gateway and make the desired selection in the appearing window under Environment > Interface.

It would be too far to explain all settings that can be made in the File Transfer, therefore the technical customer service of m-privacy GmbH will provide more information on setting options on request.

TightGate-Pro offers the possibility to automate the file transfer from TightGate-Pro to the workstation PC in addition to the manual transfer of files. The automated File Transfer is not used via the client program TightGate File Transfer, but via the TightGate-Viewer. Details can be found here.