For the use of the file transfer under Linux, any programme for file transfer according to the SFTP protocol is suitable. In particular, the programme gftp has proven itself for data exchange between TightGate-Pro and a workstation. It is part of the standard package of most distributions, but must usually be installed via the package management.

Example: Configuration of gftp for login with user name and password

  • Information of the computer: IPv4 address or resolvable host name of TightGate-Pro
  • Port: not required
  • username: username on TightGate-Pro
  • Password: Password on TightGate-Pro
  • Protocol: SSH2

The connection is established after clicking on the connection icon.

Configuration of the file lock for certificate-based single sign-on
Support for single sign-on under Linux is currently possible with the SFTP client "Filezilla". It can be obtained free of licence fees. Further information is available from the technical customer service of m-privacy GmbH .