Use of own Firefox profiles

If only individual users of TightGate-Pro require certain certificates/keys or special settings for Mozilla Firefox, a self-created Mozilla Firefox profile can be used when the user logs in.

This requires TightGate-Viewer and MagicURL version 3.2 or higher.

Proceed as follows:

  • Open Mozilla Firefox on a workstation computer (in the same version as in TightGate-Pro) and set up everything as it is to be used later in the TightGate-Pro session.
    Note: Mozilla Firefox frequently changes parameters when changing versions, which can lead to problems with different versions.
  • Start TightGate-Schleuse and connect as administrator transfer with TightGate-Pro.
  • Create a subfolder in the transfer directory of the desired user(s) .profiles (/home/user/.transfer/USERNAME/.profiles) and copy the previously created Mozilla Firefox profile (entire profile folder) into this subfolder.
    Note: Several profiles can also be stored.
  • Customise the file URL_Whitelist.txt file of the users' workstations/sessions as follows:
    *spezielle.Webseite*|remote|firefox|PROFILNAME   (Der Name des selbst erstellten Profils. I. d. R. der Teil hinter dem Punkt des kopierten Ordners.)
  • Each call of a shortcut (left-click or desktop shortcut) for URLs containing ** is called in the TightGate-Pro session with this Mozilla Firefox profile.