The following settings are required in any case for proper operation of TightGate-Pro:

Menu itemDescription
Hostname*The computer name of TightGate-Pro can be selected according to the target environment. For cluster systems, the name always ends with the consecutive number in the cluster.
Domain*The network domain TightGate-Pro should operating in.
DNS name in Cert*DNS name of TightGate-Pro which can be resolved by the client and which is entered in the user certificate for authentication to TightGate-Pro. For cluster systems, the domain name of the TightGate-Pro cluster must be entered here.
The key combination can be used to restart the system or to shut it down correctly. Alternatively, this key combination can be ignored to avoid triggering any of the aforementioned actions by mistake.
Web interface passwordIf a password is set at this point, it must be entered on the client side at http://localhost to access the TightGate-Pro status page.
Note: The system statistics on the status page are updated hourly. Short-term changes may therefore not be visible.

TightGate-Pro supports multilingual administration and user interface. The language settings are made via the menu Language settings.

Note: TightGate-Pro uses the IBus framework (Intelligent Input Bus) to implement multi-language support when entering country-specific special characters. You can find instructions how to use Ibus here.

Set menu language
Select the language to be used for the administration of TightGate-Pro. This setting has the same effect on all administration menus and only takes effect after a new login. The languages German and English are available.

Set user language
Selection of default language for all TightGate users. For users who are already logged on, the setting only takes effect the next time they log on to the TightGate Pro.

Many languages are available for TightGate users. If the desired language is not yet available in the menu, it must be installed (as described here).

After leaving the menu the language setting becomes effective for all users immediately and overwrites the user language set as maint.

Note: A user language that differs from this global system default can be set individually for each user as administrator maint. The prerequisite for this is that the language is installed.

In order to use TightGate-Pro, a valid license must be purchased and properly stored in the system. In case of doubt, the technical customer service of m-privacy GmbH supports and advises in all questions regarding the licensing of TightGate-Pro.

The license file sent by m-privacy GmbH must be copied into the transfer directory of the administrator config:


This can be done by the administrator config or by the user transfer via the supplied file transfer program.

The actual import of the license is done by the administrator config. If you select the menu item System > Import license, all license files stored in the directory specified above will be displayed. Select the desired license file and confirm the import with OK. The license becomes effective after the option Soft Apply has been selected in the main menu.

Note: With TightGate-Pro cluster systems, the license file only needs to be installed on one computer of the network (node). The license is automatically distributed to the other nodes of the cluster during operation.

It is possible to read out the number of available licenses. As administrator config the license file can be called up via the menu item System > Show license.

Furthermore it is possible to open a browser on TightGate-Pro and open the status page http://localhost/. Depending on the default setting, it may be necessary to enter access data (for the user status).

Note: The password for the user status is assigned when the system is installed. The password is changed as administrator config via the menu System > Web interface password. If no password is assigned, the status page can be viewed by any TightGate-Viewer via the browser.

For documentation purposes or for transferring configurations to other hardware, it is helpful to keep the current configuration settings of TightGate-Pro in a document or to save the entire configuration. The following options are available:

Menu itemDescription
Export config as textThe configuration is written to a text file (.txt) and stored in the administrator's transfer directory Config.
Save asSaves a copy of the configuration files in the TightGate-Pro file directory. This allows you to save a current configuration of changes and restore it if necessary.
Read from Shows a selection of all existing backups of configurations and offers the possibility to select one to read it in again. After importing, the configuration entries can still be edited. The newly loaded configuration must be saved and Soft applied in order to take effect.
Delete savedShows a selection of all configurations stored in the system and offers the possibility to delete a single configuration.
ExportCreates a configuration file from the current configuration and stores it in the administrator's transfer/configuration directory config.
ImportShows a selection of all configurations stored in the transfer/configuration directory and offers the option of importing a single configuration. After the import, the configuration entries can still be edited. The imported configuration must be saved and Soft applied in order to take effect.
Delete all configuration files in the transfer/configuration directory.

Note: Please do not mix up the exported configuration with a system backup.